Nethermind Who?

Founded in 2017 by a small team of world-class technologists, Nethermind builds Ethereum solutions for developers and enterprises. Boosted by a grant from the Ethereum Foundation in August 2018, our team has worked tirelessly to deliver the fastest Ethereum client in the market, optimised to the very last byte.

In addition to the client, our team has built a peer-to-peer Data Marketplace, run multiple free Advanced EVM workshops to educate developers, and been actively involved with Ethereum Core development. Nethermind is based in London, UK.

Minding the future: our vision

We believe that blockchain technology can usher in a more inclusive, decentralised future. And we believe Ethereum will be pivotal, the backbone of a new, blockchain-based data and financial system.

In this future we expect all financial companies to be running blockchain connectors, looking to access data from Ethereum transactions directly.

This will lead to unbridled innovation, enabling new business models based on high-quality data. Plus, data is easily accessible to anyone - from big companies to small businesses and individuals.

On our end, we want to deliver you the tools to build this future today.

No ICOs, no tokens. With Nethermind, you’re just one download away from Ethereum. We want to make it better and to make it simple.

We want Ethereum to be accessible to everyone - and in addition to offering you the best tools and solutions, we’ll show you exactly how to build.

The gap we mind

Ironically, the sheer pace of Ethereum’s growth is making it hard for technology to keep up. And as it grows, so do the costs and requirements to join in (i.e. processing power and storage).

This means fewer people will have the resources to run nodes, and the network risks becoming more centralised. Fewer nodes is bad news; the network gets less robust and more susceptible to attacks or failure.

Without optimisation, this gap will only get wider.

And this is where Nethermind comes in.

How do we do it?

Blockchain is a team sport. On our end, we’re obsessed with performance.

By making a lean and fast client, we reduce the overhead to join the network.

By building it on .NET Core - a widespread, enterprise-friendly platform - we offer easy integration with the existing infrastructure.

Being open-source makes Nethermind accessible to a huge pool of developers.

Finally, by offering easy access to on-chain data via Nethermind Data Marketplace, we pave the way for new business models to expand over Ethereum.

And yes, all that without losing sight of stability, reliability, data integrity, and security.

Meet the Team

A business is nothing but a bunch of people - and in the end, it’s all about the people. At the heart of this Nethermind lies a world-class team of seasoned technologists and advisors, working side-by-side with amazing partners.

Our team works hard to deliver you the best experience for Ethereum on-chain data transfers and access. Say hi to some of Ethereum’s finest:


In financial industry technology since the beginning of time (10 years ago), from Citibank, through Rokos to Ethereum Core Development.


Master of UIs, colours, and smooth user experience - making NDM look better and better every day.


Microsoft MVP Award winner, and Microsoft MVP Award winner again. Great both for code and for the .NET community.


Master of many clouds, bringer of containers. This guy automates. He is also a build builder, release releaser, and benchmarks benchmarker.


A source of great advice and great encouragement. Pradeep talks trading, FX, data and innovation.


Master of discovery. A former Nethermind developer whose heart and advice are still with the team.


With no fear to challenge any code imperfection, Lukasz makes other people fear code reviews. A great dev he is.


We’re open source and open-minded. Ultimately, we’d like to have you on board, too. With your contribution, we hope our work will take a Nether-mind of its own.

We give you the tools to work on Ethereum with the most advanced performance optimisations available to .NET Core developers.

So come along, let’s build the future together - you can start right here, at our GitHub repo.