Nethermind Ethereum Client

Bringing Blockchain to your Business with the World’s Fastest .NET Ethereum Client

Our flagship .NET Core-based Ethereum client is all about performance and flexibility. Built on .NET core, a widespread, enterprise-friendly platform, Nethermind makes integration with existing infrastructures simple, without losing sight of stability, reliability, data integrity, and security.

Why Nethermind?

.NET Core Ethereum Client

Meets the growing needs of enterprise-grade systems, such as security and scalability and a large pool of developers. Easily extendable and customizable.


Lightning fast sync times to the Ethereum network.

Ease of Launch

We’ve made it easy to get up and running from your computer, remote server, or the cloud.


Our comprehensive documentation site is regularly updated and maintained by our team.


Our developer community is active on GitHub contributing to the development of our roadmap.

Consensus Algorithms