Ethereum Client

Our flagship .NET Core-based Ethereum client is all about performance and flexibility. We have built a lean, stable and feature-rich gateway to allow anyone, anywhere, to take part in the decentralised future.

The Nethermind client is perfect for:

Businesses working with on-chain data who need fast, robust syncing and multiple transaction-tracing mechanisms

Traders operating on the Ethereum network

Hedge funds and family offices entering the crypto space


NET Core Ethereum client

World-class Ethereum Client built on .NET Core, perfect for enterprise-grade systems and benefiting from a huge pool of developers. Extend it, customise it - the sky’s the limit.

Lightweight and lightning-fast

We’ve worked hard to make a lean, mean, Ethereum machine, optimised for performance down to the last byte. It syncs fast, and runs even on a Raspberry Pi - check out hardware requirements here.

Dead easy to launch

From your computer, remote server, or the cloud, it’s easy to get started with our handy guide. So don’t be shy; come give it a try!

Fully documented

It comes complete with comprehensive documentation, updated and maintained by our team - we’re always adding more. You can read the docs here.


We’re all about the community. Join the Nether(hive)mind. Check out our GitHub repo, contribute and fork away. Extra points for giving us a star!

Support and consulting

We’re here for you. In addition to maintaining and improving the software, we offer support and consulting services tailored to your needs. For inquiries on the solutions we can offer, just contact us.